12 Week MZR Intensive Transformation Program
The best and most effective ways to create fitness success for  yourself is by tracking your progress, staying mindful about your goals, having a support system, being held accountable, being motivated, and exercising with a major goal in mind. Keeping that intent and working out with a consistent purpose is difficult and is one of the biggest reasons that people fail to hit their goals. With that in mind, MZR Fitness has created a PROVEN solution based and results driven program where you will be personally coached by World Renowned Fitness Expert Mike Z. Robinson to help you on your journey to fitness success and create the path for you to reach all of your fitness goals while creating the best YOU possible.

This Program Will Include the Following:
- Weekly Weigh-Ins & Bodyfat Measurements 
- Wake Up/Goodnight Daily EXTRA's Exercise Program
- Success Worksheet (including Health Journal)
- Weekly Group & Personalized Accountability  
This Program is For You:
- If you are looking to increase energy, lose weight, improve productivity

- If you are ready to stop making excuses and are finally ready to take your health & fitness to the next level
- If you are busy and are looking to create strategies on how to implement healthier lifestyles as part of a hectic schedule
- If you are in need of creating a strategy to improve your time and/or maximize your energy & nutrition for yourself and your family

Take control of your life TODAY, start each day off with a purpose, and build the best version of yourself in 2017!

Space is extremely limited and not everyone will be accepted into this accountability based, life changing, and exclusive coaching program. Apply today!

2017 Sessions
Session 1: Jan 2 - Mar 24
Session 2: Apr 3 - Jun 23
Session 3: Jul 3 - Sept 22
Session 4: Oct 2 - Dec 22


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