Personal Training & Small Group Training
At MZR Fitness, we bring an elite and unsurpassed fitness perspective to each and every one of our clients as well as several years of experience.

MZR Fitness knows firsthand how intimidating beginning a fitness journey can be, so we make it our number one priority to make  that journey as simple and as fun as possible for you. We do this by creating a motivating environment that reinforces to you that "Anything is Possible." Of course, the workouts themselves will not always be easy but our promise to you is that it will always be worth it.

When you sign up at MZR Fitness, our commitment to you is to get you into the best shape of your life....PERIOD!

Our training programs promises to be unique, motivating, safe, and suitable for all fitness levels.

At MZR Fitness, you NEVER experience the same workout twice....EVER!

By staying true to this mantra, it enables our clients to NEVER get bored in their workout session because if the mind is bored, then the body is bored and that is when the results begin to slow up. In the workouts we constantly keep our clients guessing, which helps to create a fun environment for our MZR Fitness family. We also safely involve as many muscles as possible in each exercise so that you can maximize your time and so we can help you to reach your fitness goals as quickly as possible.

We are not drill sergeants, we are not cheerleaders - we are Personal Trainers & Fitness Coaches helping you to achieve fitness success.

When you join MZR Fitness, there are no diets, no latest fads, no magic pills, and no gimmicks...JUST RESULTS!

MZR Fitness provides the highest level of Personal Training in San Luis Obispo, GUARANTEED!

No goal is too big or too small. At MZR Fitness, we provide you with the tools to help you not only achieve your goals but to surpass them. Your MZR Fitness Training Experience is 100% CUSTOMIZED  to you based off of your fitness level, injury history, exercise history, medical history, lifestyle, and fitness goals.

All of your workouts will be effective, client centered, results driven, motivating, fun, and promises to be a memorable experience for you so that you can maximize your investment.

Private Training Options Include the Following:
Personal Training (1 on 1)

Small Group Training (8 People Maximum Per Session)