History of MZR Fitness
The idea behind MZR Fitness was created back in 1997 when Mike Z. Robinson was only 16 years old. At the time, Mike was rehabbing a sports related shoulder injury and was referred to a Personal Trainer to help get his shoulder stronger. It was during this rehab period that Mike realized all of the benefits that a Personal Trainer can offer as his shoulder not only got better but overall, he felt more fit than ever and drastically increased his confidence. He became so in love with the Personal Training profession that in his Junior Year of High School, he wrote an essay for his final project in his English class promising that he would open his own gym by the age of 30 (a goal that he eventually reached by the age of 28 years old in 2010).

Individuals from all walks of life (including Moms, Business Owners, Lawyers, Celebrities, Teachers, Doctors, Seniors, Kids, and even Pro Athletes) come through the doors of MZR Fitness daily with the intent of getting stronger, getting leaner, getting faster, and getting better. MZR Fitness has grown steadily every year as the sophisticated shopper has consistently recognized MZR Fitness as the premier provider for all fitness related services on the Central Coast.

MZR Fitness has been extremely successful for 5 simple reasons:
(1) MZR Fitness has the BEST Clients in the World.
(3) MZR Fitness will do EVERYTHING possible to make sure that their clients achieve fitness success.
(4) MZR Fitness consistently delivers a better overall fitness experience than any other fitness facility…Period!
(5) MZR Fitness is a facility that was built to eliminate excuses and increase results while bringing clients EVERYTHING that they need to achieve fitness success including, but not limited to: accountability, motivation, energy, support, and an expert staff.

It was Mike Z. Robinson's dream to build a fitness facility that incorporates all of the elite life and fitness components to help you transform yourself both physically & mentally, live a higher quality of life, enjoy working out, increase your confidence, and more. Allow MZR Fitness to become your turn-key fitness solution to creating fitness success like never before. The same philosophy that was the driving force behind creating MZR Fitness remains the driving force in motivating their clients and that's that: Anything Is Possible - No Matter What Your Goal Is.

So with that said, contact MZR Fitness today and get one step closer to CREATING A HEALTHIER & BETTER YOU!