Healthy Families Program

Here at MZR Fitness, we NEVER want finances to stop someone from being healthy so we have decided to start the MZR Fitness Healthy Families Program where we are helping families in need to get healthier and stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally.

With Obesity and Childhood Obesity increasing every year, MZR Fitness believes more than ever that it is becoming more and more important to help families to get in shape and help more parents to create a healthier foundation for not only themselves but for their children as well.

Many families site finances as the number one reason why they don't seek an active lifestyle via a gym membership and/or hiring a Personal Trainer or Health Coach but MZR Fitness WANTS TO HELP YOU TO REMOVE THAT HUGE HURDLE so we are offering a FREE 12 week program per family (for up to 5 family members in each family) where you can experience many of the benefits that we offer to our MZR Fitness Family.

In order to be considered for this program, please fill out all the applicable information below: