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2019 Schedule

Fitness Boot Camp Program
Reach a plateau, need more energy, bored with your current workouts, want to lose weight, decrease body fat,

or are you just looking to try something new & fun?

If so, then our signature line of MZR Fitness Boot Camp Classes are PERFECT FOR YOU! 

Each program is carefully designed to achieve amazing results for not only your body but also your mindset using

our MZR Fitness Rapid Results 50 Minute Full Body System that contains concentrated Ingredients for Fitness Success.

All of our MZR Fitness Boot Camp Classes are overseen by World Renowned Fitness Expert and 2015 IDEA Personal

Trainer of the Year, Mike Z. Robinson.

Our San Luis Obispo based MZR Fitness Boot Camp program has been recognized as being the most motivating,

results driven, and fun exercise program on the entire Central Coast. Our unique & effective workouts are designed

for ALL FITNESS LEVELS and will primarily take place in our intimate, non-intimidating, and award winning personal

training studio.

Each group is led by an amazing MZR Fitness Personal Trainer ensuring that you not only get the best workout possible

but that you obtain outstanding fitness results safely and in the quickest amount of time possible.

In Our MZR Fitness Boot Camp Program, you will experience the following benefits:
Lose Pounds and Decrease Body Fat
Decreased Inches in the Midsection
Learn New Exercises And Have Fun While Doing It
25 - 50% Improvement in Core, Endurance, and Strength
Tone and Increase Muscle Definition
100% Gain In Self Confidence

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